Practice Theology exists because

  1. billions of people in the world need to be reached with the gospel

  2. hurt and disunity exists within the Christian family/church (ethnic segregation, gender marginalisation, marriage conflict, etc.)

  3. we, the church, need to be more proactive in a) caring for those who are suffering and b) partnering with people down the street and around the world who are experiencing oppression and poverty.

These problems are not unrelated. As Christ’s church is encouraged and exhorted toward a prayerful, maturing, faith-filled, love-driven obedience to God we become more reconciled with one another and more effective agents of Christ's ministry of reconciliation to the world. 

Through a restored relationship with God believers are enabled to participate in Jesus' ministry of reconciling the world to himself. The ministry of reconciliation is spiritual and personal in its transforming effect and social in its outworking. Therefore, we are moved by the fact that countless people have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, the divisions and lack of unity that persist within the church and by the presence of suffering and injustice that exist in this world.

We are conscious of our responsibility to love others by sharing the good news of salvation, comfort those who are suffering, confront those who are oppressive and work to bring more balance and justice to the socio-economic systems that we participate in. To that end, we seek to support the church by providing training, highlighting initiatives and writing articles that address relational issues at both the individual and societal levels.

Our hope is that our efforts will not only help Christians into more loving, unifying, God-glorifying, self-sacrificial relationships within their homes, neighborhoods and local churches, but will also help stir up an outward movement so that the good news of Christ and the resources of Christ’s church will be spread out to the ends of the earth and margins of society.